About us

Silke is German and has travelled the world. Riccardo comes from Italy and has a passion for history and antiques. In 2004, they met in Argentina, fell in love and decided to live together in this beautiful place on earth.

Amanda Emma was born in 2009. She is a lovely girl who touches the hearts of everyone she meets.

The idea for this Bed & Breakfast was born like their very own common dream; to give life to a splendid and unique place for travellers like they were and to create a space that they had always wished to find on their many journeys.

If you come to Salta, discover the magic of Carpe Diem along with the meaning and wisdom of these Latin words.

Origin of the word Carpe Diem

Carpe diem is a Latin phrase literally meaning "pluck the day" but usually translated as "seize the day".The origin of the phrase is usually attributed to the Roman poet Horace; his Odes I, 11.8-9 (65–8 BC) reads: Dum loquimur fugerit invida aetas. Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero. (As we speak jealous time flees. Pluck the day believing as little as possible in the next.)

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Carpe Diem is probably the shortest and most popular motto of life as a gift and as a new start, as a continuous new beginning.

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Watch out, what you do with your day,
because it is the whole truth of life.
Yesterday is just a dream and tomorrow is only a vision.
But living good today, makes every yesterday to a dream of joy
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Enjoy the moment, and live today!
Let this be your first thought every rising sun.

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