Are potatoes popular in Argentina?

What vegetables are popular in Argentina?

Argentina is one of the major producers of fruits and vegetables in the world and it produces several horticultural crops, namely apple, banana, orange, pears, grape, lemon, tomato, carrot, onion, chili, and pumpkin among others.

What are the major crops in Argentina?

Argentina’s main crops include soybeans, indigenous cattle meat, wheat, maize, whole fresh cow milk, grapes, indigenous chicken meat, sunflower seed, sugar cane and apples. There are 2,777,959 hectares of organic land in Argentina and approximately 1578 organic farms operating in the country.

Are all potatoes native to South America?

The potato originated in South America yet the region has the world’s lowest level of potato production, less than 16 million tonnes in 2007. The potato remains a traditional crop for small farmers in the Andean region, where it is cultivated along with potato species unknown elsewhere.

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