Best answer: How much aid has been given to Venezuela?

Has Venezuela received aid?

Only eight tons worth of U.S. aid out of 368 provided to Venezuela in 2019 actually reached the nation amid political and economic turmoil in the country that has led to a humanitarian crisis, a report by the Office of the Inspector General at the U.S. Agency for International Development published April 16 found.

Does Venezuela get aid from the US?

The United States supports a wide range of life-saving humanitarian programs for Venezuelans, such as food assistance; emergency shelter; access to health care; water, sanitation, and hygiene supplies; support for livelihoods; COVID-19 support, and protection for vulnerable groups including women, youth, LGBTQI+, and …

How much did Venezuela Aid Live raise?

Donations of US$2.5 million were raised online in the first four days after the concert. The concert was entirely funded through donations, artists performed without charge, and the event itself was free.

Venezuela Aid Live.

Logo featuring Venezuela and the Guayana Esequiba
Date 22 February 2019
Type Benefit concert

WHO is providing aid to Venezuela?

The United States is the largest humanitarian donor to the Venezuela regional crisis, having provided more than $1.4 billion in humanitarian assistance since 2017.

How is the UN helping Venezuela?

The United Nations and humanitarian partners launched the 2021 Venezuela Humanitarian Response Plan that aims to assist 4.5 million vulnerable Venezuelan women, men, children and adolescents. The Plan appeals for US$708.1 million.

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Where are Venezuelan refugees going?

Almost one third of all of those who leave Venezuela go to neighbouring Colombia. The country is currently hosting 1.74 million Venezuelan migrants who are intending to stay in Colombia long term. More than half of them are undocumented, meaning they have trouble accessing essential services and getting work.

Why does the US give money to Venezuela?

The United States is supporting response efforts in 16 countries hosting Venezuelan migrants, including Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. … U.S. partners are also helping protect vulnerable Venezuelans from violence and exploitation, and providing legal support for Venezuelan asylum-seekers.