Best answer: What groups lived in Venezuela before the revolution?

How did different groups of people in Venezuela understand the Enlightenment ideas of liberty and equality?

How did different groups of people in Venezuela understand the Enlightenment ideas of liberty and equality? People wanted higher social, political, and economical equality. What did the Venezuelan revolution accomplish? ended slavery or satisfied the needs of their groups and trade restrictions and taxes.

Who ruled Venezuela before independence?

Following the Venezuelan War of Independence (part of the Spanish American wars of independence), Venezuela initially won independence from the Spanish Empire as part of Gran Colombia. Internal tensions led to the dissolution of Gran Colombia in 1830–31, with Venezuela declaring independence in 1831.

Who settled in Venezuela?

The territory of Venezuela was colonized by Spain in 1522 amid resistance from indigenous peoples.

Was Venezuela a Portuguese colony?

Venezuela was colonized by Spain in 1522 despite resistance from indigenous peoples. It became the first Spanish American colony to declare independence (in 1811), but did not securely establish independence until 1821 (as a department of the federal republic of Gran Colombia, gaining full independence in 1830).

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What Enlightenment ideas did Venezuela have?

Enlightened ideals included equality for men, self-rule, representative government with input from the working and middle classes, and, most important, freedom from tyranny and slavery. In Venezuela, some of these ideals were met and some were discussed and then ignored.

In what way did the Hyatt in revolution differ from the French Revolution?

How did the French revolution differ from the American revolution? The American Revolution was different from the French revolution because the Americal revolution was a revolt against a colonial power. The French revolution was an uprising against the appression imposed by Members of the titled nobility.

What ethnic group did Bolivar belong to?

Early life. The son of a Venezuelan aristocrat of Spanish descent, Bolívar was born to wealth and position. His father died when the boy was three years old, and his mother died six years later, after which his uncle administered his inheritance and provided him with tutors.

Who fought in the Venezuelan revolution?

Persons such as Francisco de Miranda, a long-term Venezuelan expatriate, and Simón Bolívar, a young, Criollo aristocrat—both influenced by Age of Enlightenment ideas and the example of the French Revolution—led the movement.

What government is Venezuela under?

Venezuela is a federal presidential republic. The chief executive is the President of Venezuela who is both head of state and head of government. Executive power is exercised by the President.

What ancient civilizations lived in Venezuela?

Venezuela’s original inhabitants were the Carib and Arawak Amerindian peoples. Spanish explorers founded the settlements of Valencia in 1555 and Santiago de León de Caracas in 1567.

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How did Maduro get elected?

A special presidential election was held in 2013, which Maduro won with 50.62% of the vote as the United Socialist Party of Venezuela candidate. He has ruled Venezuela by decree since 2015 through powers granted to him by the ruling party legislature.

Who was the first European to visit Venezuela?

Christopher Columbus was the first European to visit Venezuela. He came in 1498. Another explorer came after Columbus and admired the stilted houses that the Indians had built above the lake and called the place Venezuela – “Little Venice.” Venezuela remained a Spanish colony until 1821.