Best answer: What is the biggest province in Chile?

How many provinces are there in Chile?

Chile is administratively divided into 13 regions, including the capital and seat of government, Santiago. The regions are divided into 40 provinces.

What is the province for Santiago Chile?

Santiago Province (Spanish: Provincia de Santiago) is one of the six provinces of the Santiago Metropolitan Region (RM) of central Chile. It encompasses the majority of the population of that region, including 31 of the 36 communities of Greater Santiago.

Santiago Province, Chile.

Santiago Province Provincia de Santiago
Area code 56 + 2

What are the three regions of Chile?

The country usually is divided by geographers into five regions: the far north, the near north, central Chile, the south, and the far south. Each has its own characteristic vegetation, fauna, climate, and, despite the omnipresence of both the Andes and the Pacific, its own distinct topography.

What continent is Chile?

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