Did any Chilean miners died?

How many 33 miners died?

Several of the 33 Chilean miners rescued in 2010 lost everything in floods; death toll rises to 18.

Did the Chilean miners get paid?

After an eight-year court battle, the Chilean government was ordered to pay $110,000 to each miner, and the San Esteban mining company was deemed not to be liable. But the government appealed, claiming that 14 of the 33 miners already had lifetime pensions from various sources, because of their age or health.

What did the 33 miners eat?

Although the emergency supplies were intended for only two or three days, the miners rationed them and were able to make them last for two weeks, running out just before they were discovered. They consumed “two little spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk and a biscuit every 48 hours” and a morsel of peach.

Is the Chilean mine still open?

The San José Mine (Spanish: Mina San José) is a small copper-gold mine located near Copiapó, Atacama Region, Chile.

San José Mine.

Opened 1889
Closed 2010
Company San Esteban Mining Company

Did the Chilean miners sue?

Nine of the 33 miners who in 2010 were trapped by a rockfall in a mine in Chile for 69 days before being rescued are suing their lawyers. The plaintiffs allege that they were badly advised by the lawyers, who they say conned them into signing away their rights. …

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Why did the Chilean miners wear sunglasses?

As 33 Chilean miners have been brought to surface after 2 months of being trapped underground, they have been given sunglasses donated by Oakley in Foothill Ranch to protect their eyes after such a long period in the dark. … Oakley isn’t the only company providing help to the rescue effort, reports BusinessWeek.

Is Beaconsfield mine still operating?

The Beaconsfield gold mine shut down in 2012, and was purchased by NQ Minerals last February for $2 million. The mine gained global attention in 2006 when Brant Webb and Todd Russell survived two weeks underground after a mine collapse.

Where was the 33 filmed?

“The 33″ was shot in two actual mines in Colombia, with exterior scenes filmed in Chile, near the location of the real mine.