Does Brazil have a royal family?

Does Brazil have a king or queen?

List of monarchs of Brazil

Monarchy of Brazil
Style His/Her Most Faithful Majesty His/Her Imperial Majesty
First monarch Maria I (as Queen)
Last monarch Pedro II (as Emperor)

Is there a prince of Brazil?

Prince Rafael of Orleans-Braganza(Rafael Antonio Maria Francisco Miguel Gabriel Gonzaga de Orleans-Braganza Ligne; 26 April 1986, Petropolis, Brazil) is a Prince of Brazil, member of the Imperial House of Brazil and a Prince of Orleans-Braganza.

Who rules Brazil?

President of Brazil

President of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Incumbent Jair Bolsonaro since 1 January 2019
Federal government of Brazil
Style Mr. President His Excellency
Status Head of State Head of Government

When did Brazil stop being a monarchy?

Empire of Brazil

Empire of Brazil Império do Brasil
• Imperial Constitution 25 March 1824
• Accession of Pedro II 7 April 1831
• Abolition of slavery 13 May 1888
• Monarchy abolished 15 November 1889

Does Brazil still have an emperor?

Their full style and title were: “His Imperial Majesty, Constitutional Emperor and Perpetual Defender of Brazil”.

Emperors of Brazil.

Name Became monarch Notes
Pedro II of Brazil 1831 Emperor of Brazil; last Emperor of Brazil

Is there a Portuguese royal family?

This has led to a variety of royal houses coming to rule Portugal, though all having Portuguese royal lineage. These houses are: The House of Burgundy (1139–1383)

List of Portuguese monarchs.

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King of Portugal and the Algarves
First monarch Afonso I
Last monarch Manuel II
Formation 25 July 1139
Abolition 5 October 1910

What is a Princess Imperial?

His/Her Imperial Highness is a style used by members of an imperial family to denote imperial – as opposed to royal – status to show that the holder is descended from an Emperor rather than a King or Queen.