Does Patagonia donate clothes?

How do I donate Patagonia worn?

How can I recycle a Patagonia or Worn Wear item?

  1. Make sure the items are washed/cleaned before sending them in or dropping them off.
  2. Mail your items to: Patagonia Service Center – Recycle Program. 8550 White Fir St. Reno, NV 89523-8939.
  3. Or drop them off at a Patagonia store near you.

Does Patagonia used down?

Editor’s note: Starting in the Fall 2014 season, Patagonia will only use 100% Traceable Down sourced from birds that have been neither force-fed for foie gras production nor plucked for their feathers and down during their lifetime. Read more at

Is Patagonia a circular economy?

Patagonia had been inspired by the ’90s concept turned book Cradle to Cradle that set the foundation for a circular economy—design products via renewable energy, efficient water usage and socially equitable practices, then recycle and reuse those products again and again.

What is Patagonia’s mission statement?

Patagonia mission statement is “we’re in business to save our home planet.” This is the new corporate mission statement of this company from the previous one “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” Patagonia was led by this …

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What is a Patagonia jacket?

Stay warm and comfortable with Patagonia jackets built with premium insulation, fleece lining, hand-warming pockets and more. … Explore men’s Patagonia jackets and vests for a range of rugged outerwear or opt for more feminine fits and styles when you shop women’s Patagonia jackets and vests.

Can you buy shares in Patagonia?

Patagonia doesn’t offer stock shares of the company for sale to retail investors. Being privately owned, the company isn’t required to disclose financial information to the public.

How do I find my Patagonia style number?

Each Patagonia product has a unique five-digit style number printed on the white tag stitched into the garment. It will have STY, ITEM or STYLE in front of the number, and sometimes it will have letters and numbers behind it—those denote the season and year it was made.

Does Patagonia use child labor?

Patagonia does not and will not knowingly utilize suppliers who use child labor in our supply chain. Patagonia requires all business partners to adhere to Patagonia’s Code of Conduct and detailed Benchmarks on Child Labor.

Does live plucking hurt?

Live plucking causes birds considerable pain and distress. Once their feathers are ripped out, many of the birds, paralyzed with fear, are left with gaping wounds—some even die as a result of the procedure. Workers often sew the birds’ skin back together without using any anesthetics.

Are geese killed for down Patagonia?

We learn that some of our down is taken from geese after they’ve been killed for their meat, and some is taken from live geese during their molting period. We consult an agricultural professor, who says that removing down and feathers from live birds when they’re molting is not painful to the geese.

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