Frequent question: What are other main large or important cities in Peru?

What are 2 important cities in Peru?


Position City Region
1 Lima Lima
2 Arequipa Arequipa
3 Trujillo La Libertad
4 Chiclayo Lambayeque

Where are the major cities in Peru?

The Largest Cities in Peru by Population

Lima and Callao* 8,472,935 Lima and Province of Callao
Arequipa 749,291 Arequipa
Trujillo 682,834 La Libertad
Chiclayo 524,442 Lambayeque

What are the five largest cities in Peru?

The largest city in Peru is Lima, with a population of 7,737,002 people.


Name 2021 Population
Lima 7,737,002
Arequipa 841,130
Callao 813,264
Trujillo 747,450

What is the main city in Peru?

What are the 3 main cities in Peru?

Why is Lima Peru important?

Lima was founded by Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro in 1535 because of its accessibility to the sea. Lima was the economic, social, cultural and political capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru and was also the most important city in the Spanish South American colonies.

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