Frequent question: What are the 2 languages spoken in Latin America?

What languages does Latin America speak?

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Latin America, and it is the primary language in every South American country except Brazil, Suriname and French Guyana, as well as Puerto Rico, Cuba and several other islands.

What are the 3 main languages of Latin America?

Because of the heritage of these nations, Spanish and Portuguese are most commonly spoken, but there are many other languages in the region as well.

  • Spanish. Spanish, as it is spoken in the Americas, is not the same Spanish as spoken in Spain. …
  • Portuguese. …
  • Other Languages.

What are the two most widely spoken languages in South America?

Most Spoken Languages in South America. When it comes to total speaker numbers, Spanish wins the day in South America, followed by Portuguese, Quechua and Guarani.

How many languages are spoken in America?

There are between 350 and 430 languages spoken in the United States of America, making it one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. While there is not an official language at the federal level, many states have adopted English and other indigenous languages as official.

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