How do you call USA from Venezuela?

How do I dial a call to USA?

How to call to the US using your phone

  1. Dial the international exit country code (or replace it with + on a mobile device)
  2. Add the US country code (1)
  3. Add the US area code from the list below.
  4. Complete with the local phone number.

How do you call the US from outside the US?

Simply dial 1, the area code, and the number you are trying to reach. To call a phone in another country, dial 011, and then the code for the country you are calling, the area or city code, and the phone number.

How do I call long distance from us to Venezuela?

How to Call Venezuela from the U.S.

  1. First, dial 011 to exit the U.S. telephone system.
  2. Next, dial 58, which is the country code for Venezuela.
  3. Now dial the 10-digit local number.

What is the 4 digit country code for USA?

1 – the US country code.

What do I dial before calling USA?

When calling a US phone number, the country code of +1 needs to entered, followed by the US area code and a local number in order to complete the call. If calling from a landline, replace the + sign with 0011 followed by 1 (US country code) and then the US area code and local number.

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Which country code is 001?

International prefix

Digits dialled Countries you are calling from
001 Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand
0011 Australia
002 Paraguay, Taiwan
009 Colombia, Nigeria

Can you call an 800 number from outside the US?

In most cases, USA toll-free numbers can be called from anywhere in the world using an American cell phone by dialing +1 followed by the 800 number. If you call a USA toll-free 800 number using a cellular voice network when outside the USA, the call will NOT be free.

Where is area code 458 in the United States?

The 458 number is a North American area code that serves the northwest part of Oregon and its suburbs like Eugene, Medford, Springfield, Corvallis, and more. The 458 area code is an overlay for the 503 and 541 area codes that was used for the entire state of Oregon.

Is Venezuela in South America or Central America?

Venezuela is located in the north of South America; geologically, its mainland rests on the South American Plate. It has a total area of 916,445 km2 (353,841 sq mi) and a land area of 882,050 km2 (340,560 sq mi), making Venezuela the 33rd largest country in the world.

Can you call Venezuela?

First dial 011 – U.S. exit code. Next dial 58 – Venezuela calling code. Then, the 3-digit area code (see calling code list below). Concluded by the 7-digit phone number.