How do you say bathroom in Colombia?

How do Spanish people say bathroom?

The most common word for “bathroom” in Spanish is “el baño,” although “el servicio” may also be used if you’re referring to a large public restroom.

How do you say restroom in Mexico?

“Baño” is common in Mexico. Some other people may get fancy and call it “inodoro” or “excusado” (which are more specific).

How would you describe your bathroom in Spanish?

El baño is much more common. … However, many other terms refer to the bathroom or the toilet. El retrete, el sanitario, el excusado, and el lavabo are less common terms but you might still see them. El cagadero is a very informal and borderline impolite way to say bathroom in Spanish.

What is a French bathroom called?

Les toilettes, les cabinets – the restroom, always plural in French. Les WC – pronounce “double vé cé” or “vécé” in short – from the British Water Closet… Le petit coin, le trône – other words for the toilet, common slang.

How do you say restroom in Navajo?

chąą’ báhooghan. en A room equipped with a toilet for urinating and defecating.

What is a fancy word for bathroom?

What is another word for bathroom?

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toilet lavatory
washroom latrine
loo restroom
john can
cloakroom bog

How do you say toilet in Japanese?

pronounced “toe-E-ray” is the Japanese abbreviation of “toilet” and is used in its place.

What is donde esta?

Donde esta ______? Pronounced: dohn-day eh-sta. This phrase means “where is _____” and should be used anytime you want to know the location of something.

What is the word Hospital in Spanish?

[ˈhɒspɪtl ] hospital m. maternity hospital casa f de maternidad. mental hospital hospital m psiquiátrico ⧫ manicomio m.