How do you swear in Brazilian Portuguese?

How do you swear in Brazilian?

15 Portuguese Swear Words To Say When You’re Pissed

  1. Badalhoco(a) Meaning: Dirty. …
  2. Merda. Meaning: Shit. …
  3. Vaca. Meaning: Cow. …
  4. Porra. Meaning: Shit (softer than merda) …
  5. Corno. Meaning: Fool. …
  6. Vai tomar no cu! Meaning: Up yours! …
  7. Puta merda. Meaning: Holy sh*t. …
  8. Desenmerda-te. Meaning: Unshit yourself.

What does Caramba mean in Brazil?

[kaˈrãba] exclamation. blimey! ( BRIT), gee! (

How do you offend a Portuguese person?

How to piss off a Portuguese

  1. Insult our heritage. …
  2. Tell us there’s no time like the present. …
  3. Limit conversation to Cristiano Ronaldo, José Mourinho, or Mariza. …
  4. Call us Spanish. …
  5. Assume Portuguese from Portugal is the same as Portuguese from Brazil.

Is Porra a bad word?

Porra. Probably the most common of all bad words in Portuguese. It can be applied just like the word ‘merda’: as a single word used to curse, or in a sentence to intensify the feeling of anger. ‘Porra’ is the vulgar word for semen.

What does PPP mean in Portuguese?

English translation:prazo para ……

What Karamu means?

Borrowed from Swahili karamu (“feast, banquet”).

What is the meaning of carumba?

“¡Ay, caramba!” (pronounced [ˈai kaˈɾamba]), from the Spanish interjections ay (denoting surprise or pain) and caramba (a minced oath for carajo), is an exclamation used in Spanish to denote surprise (usually positive).

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What does TOP mean in Brazil?

If I understand it correctly, it’s an internet slang. ” boyzão = big boy”, “top = cool”. But that’s very informal :p.

How do you call a girl beautiful in Portuguese?

1. Complimenting Someone’s Look

  1. Você é linda/lindo. (“You are beautiful/handsome.”)
  2. Que bonita(o) está hoje. (“You look good today.”)
  3. Você tem um sorriso lindo. (“You have a beautiful smile.”)
  4. Você é muito charmoso(a). (“You’re very charming.”)
  5. Você é estiloso(a). (“You’re stylish.”)
  6. Que gatinho(a)!

What does POHA mean in Brazil?

It can mean “fuck” or “damn” depending on the situation.