How is the Patagonia R1 supposed to fit?

What do you wear under R1?

Over the R1, depending upon conditions I wear a softshell jacket and or windshirt. When it is really windy, the windshirt is under the softshell. If it starts snowing really hard with wind or the temp drops, then I put on the Goretex shell.

What is R1 material?

The soft, high-pile knit made from recycled polyester and invented in 1981 by Polartec has become as ubiquitous in outdoor clothing as zippers.

What is R1 fleece?

The R1® Fleece Pullover from Patagonia is a versatile, technical, midlayer fleece best used for stop/start activities in cold conditions. Made from Power Grid fleece, our patented grid construction knit is designed to trap heat and wick moisture, providing unbeaten warmth and comfort.

Is Patagonia R1 waterproof?

It has a baggy fit like a shell, and it’s very weather resistant, but not weatherproof like a hardshell. If we were to classify this “fleece”, we would call it a very thin softshell with light gridded “fleece” backing.

What is Grid fleece?

A grid fleece is somewhat newer versus the standard fleece. A grid pattern with elastane stitching is woven into the fabric. The breathability is better than the standard or solid fleece and that is the main selling point. A grid fleece is also less bulky vs. a standard fleece, too.

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