How long did it take to get each Chilean miners out?

Did the 33 Chilean miners get any money?

They were offered free travel, given $10,000 each by an eccentric Chilean businessman, and Antonio Banderas starred as Sepulveda in “The 33,” a Hollywood retelling of their story. But the good times didn’t last, as several of them told AFP.

How did they get the Chilean miners out?

Plan C drill was a Rig 421 drill, usually used for drilling for oil. Miner Alex Vega hugs his wife after his rescue on October 13. All 33 miners were rescued. … The mine collapsed a day earlier, and the miners ended up trapped 2,300 feet underground for more than two months.

How much did it cost to get the Chilean miners out?

The complicated mission to save 33 men from the collapsed San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile, which ended successfully Wednesday night, will cost an estimated $10 million to $20 million, according to Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.

Is the Chilean mine still open?

The San José Mine (Spanish: Mina San José) is a small copper-gold mine located near Copiapó, Atacama Region, Chile.

San José Mine.

Opened 1889
Closed 2010
Company San Esteban Mining Company

Did the Chilean miners sue?

Nine of the 33 miners who in 2010 were trapped by a rockfall in a mine in Chile for 69 days before being rescued are suing their lawyers. The plaintiffs allege that they were badly advised by the lawyers, who they say conned them into signing away their rights. …

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How long were the miners trapped?

All 39 miners trapped deep underground in central Canada have been brought to the surface, three days after an accident damaged the mine’s lift.