How long does a Venezuelan Suntiger tarantula live?

Are Venezuelan suntiger poisonous?

Psalmopoeus irminia: the Venezuelan Suntiger. Venom of this species is potent: body aches, fever, lightheadedness. But like all other tarantulas the venom is not fatal. Recommended for experienced owners.

Is a Suntiger tarantula poisonous?

The Venezuelan Suntiger Tarantula is not a species that should be kept by a beginner tarantula keeper. … These tarantulas are considered more venomous than many other New World species. Symptoms of a bite include extreme pain in the area of the bite, dizziness, muscle spasms, sweating and vomiting.

Are Venezuelan Suntiger arboreal?

Psalmopoeus Irminia or “Venezuelan Suntiger” Is an absolutely stunning arboreal spider whose genus name has Greek roots meaning “create song.” With a genus full of absolutely stunning spiders, it’s not hard to see how they would serve as a muse.

How long does it take for P Irminia to mature?

A good average at a guessimate would be 6-8 months, maybe more if he has been kept cool. What is the typical egg sack size for P. irminia? Again, how long is a piece of string ?

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