How many Lebanese are living in Brazil?

How many Lebanese live in South America?

Lebanese populations in the diaspora

Country Estimate Region
Argentina 1,200,000 Latin America
Colombia 1,000,000 Latin America
United States 500,000 North America
Venezuela 341,000 Latin America

How many Lebanese are there in the US?

Lebanese people

Total population
United States 440,279
Saudi Arabia 300,000
Canada 250,000
France 225,000

How many Lebanese live abroad?

The total population of Lebanese people is estimated at 18 million, of which about 75% is living abroad; six to seven million Lebanese people live in Brazil, while most others reside in the United States, South America and Australia.

How many Lebanese live in France?

The Lebanese population in France is estimated to be from 225,000 to 250,000 people.

How many Lebanese live in Los Angeles?

Census Estimates, 2019 and 2010*

Geography 2019 Estimate* 2010 Estimate*
Kuwait 2,195 1,424
Lebanon 16,243 18,772
Saudi Arabia 2,547 1,189
Syria 12,687 11,546

Why are there so many Lebanese in Nigeria?

People from Lebanon have been migrating to West Africa since the 19th-century. … Many of these early Lebanese migrants to Nigeria came from the villages of Miziara and Jwaya. Residents of the two villages often rely on remittances from Lebanese Nigerians to survive.

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How many Lebanese are there in Victoria?

The 2016 distribution by State and Territory showed New South Wales had the largest number with 57,381 followed by Victoria (16,684), South Australia (1,535) and Queensland (1,418). The latest Census in 2016 recorded 78,653 Lebanon-born people in Australia, an increase of 2.9 per cent from the 2011 Census.

What is a Lebo?

A derogatory ethnic slur for a person from Lebanon, especially a Lebanese Australian.