How many Peruvians live abroad?

How many Peruvians are abroad?


Total population
United States 626,789
Argentina 319,183
Chile 266,244
Spain 252,496

Where do Peruvians immigrate to?

Most Peruvians abroad live in the United States, Argentina or Spain. This emigration has been driven by economic factors and the improvement of domestic economic conditions has reduced the trend in recent years.

Where do most Peruvians live?

Most of Peru’s population (about 40% percent) lives in the Costa (coastal area), while 36% live in the Sierra and only 12% in the Amazon rainforest. Almost one third of the nation’s population lives in the Lima and Callao Metropolitan Area.

How many people migrate to Peru?

Peru immigration statistics for 2015 was 90,881.00, a 8.11% increase from 2010. Peru immigration statistics for 2010 was 84,066.00, a 8.41% increase from 2005. Peru immigration statistics for 2005 was 77,541.00, a 16.97% increase from 2000.

How many Peruvians live in Los Angeles?

Of the nearly 680,000 Peruvian immigrants living in the United States, over 27,000 live in Los Angeles. Many of them settled in Hollywood before dispersing throughout the county.

How many Peruvians live in Chicago?

Chicago has a Hispanic or Latino population of 28.9%, out of these 21.4% Mexican, 3.8% Puerto Rican, 0.7% Guatemalan, 0.6% Ecuadorian, 0.3% Cuban, 0.3% Colombian, 0.2% Honduran, 0.2% Salvadoran, 0.2% Peruvian.

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How many Europeans live in Peru?

According to the 2017 census 5.9% or 1.3 million (1,336,931) people 12 years of age and above self-identified as white. There were 619,402 (5.5%) males and 747,528 (6.3%) females.

Does Peru have immigrants?

Immigrants from the United States make up just over 9% of the total with 5,800 US citizens now residing in Peru. Other large groups of immigrants in Peru include Chileans, Bolivians, Colombians, Brazilians, Uruguayans, Spanish and Chinese.