How much ethanol does Brazil consume?

Does Brazil use ethanol fuel?

Since the launch of Proálcool, Brazil has become the second largest producer of ethanol after the US. In 2014 Brazil produced 23.4 billion litres, representing 25% of the world’s total ethanol used as fuel.

What type of gas is used in Brazil?

Brazil has a government-mandated ethanol blend in gasoline fuel, which ranges from 18 to 25 percent. There is also extensive use of higher ethanol blends, and very high market penetration of flex-fuel vehicles (as well as a legacy fleet of ethanol-only vehicles).

What is ethanol used for?

Ethanol is used in the manufacture of drugs, plastics, lacquers, polishes, plasticizers, and cosmetics. Ethanol is used in medicine as a topical antiinfective, and as an antidote for ethylene glycol or methanol overdose.

How much ethanol is in a ton of sugarcane?

Thus, from one tonne of cane, mills can produce 115 kg of sugar (at 11.5% recovery) and 45 kg of molasses (18 kg TFS) that gives 10.8 litres of ethanol.

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