Is Colombia mostly urban or rural?

Is Colombia mostly urban?

Urbanization means the share of urban population in the total population of a country. In 2019, 81.1 percent of Colombia’s total population lived in urban areas and cities.

Colombia: Urbanization from 2009 to 2019.

Characteristic Share of urban population in total population
2019 81.1%
2018 80.78%
2017 80.45%
2016 80.11%

What is the urban population of Colombia?

Colombia urban population for 2020 was 41,431,388, a 1.48% increase from 2019. Colombia urban population for 2019 was 40,827,302, a 1.78% increase from 2018. Colombia urban population for 2018 was 40,115,208, a 1.95% increase from 2017.

What countries are mostly urban?

Top thirty most urbanized countries worldwide in 2018

Characteristic Urban percentage of population
China, Hong Kong SAR 100%
China, Macao SAR 100%
Singapore 100%
Kuwait 100%

What is Colombia capital city?

How rural is Colombia?

Colombia has a population of over 47 million people, with 23.6 percent of the population residing in rural areas.

Is Colombia a rural country?

Colombia’s population is 68% urban and 32% rural. Colombia’s critical land issues stem from its colonial, agrarian past and the modern history of conflict which is its legacy.

What are the major mountain ranges in Colombia?

The Andes Cordillera (mountain range) enters Colombia in the south-western part of the country and it is divided into two chains: the Cordillera Occidental (Western mountain range) and the Cordillera Central (Central mountain range).

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