Is Patagonia a public benefit corporation?

Is Patagonia a benefit corporation?

– Today, Patagonia became the first company in California to elect benefit corporation status. … Current law requires corporations to prioritize the financial interests of shareholders over the interests of workers, communities, and the environment.

Is Patagonia a C corporation?

Our company is proud to be part of the growing movement of Certified B Corporations. … In the six years since Patagonia became a B Corp we have seen the movement broaden across nations and industries and deepen in purpose.

What states allow benefit corporations?

Benefit corporation legislation has been introduced in the following states:

  • Wisconsin.
  • Texas.
  • Ohio.
  • North Carolina.
  • New Mexico.
  • Montana.
  • Michigan.
  • Kentucky.

Is Patagonia a certified B Corporation?

Patagonia was the first California company to sign up for B certification, in January, 2012, joining over 500 certified B Corporations in 60 different industries. … Current law requires corporations to favor the financial interests of shareholders over the interests of workers, communities and the environment.

Is Patagonia a global company?

Patagonia is a global company with a global footprint. We own and operate offices in the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Chile and Argentina.

What is a private benefit corporation?

“The private-benefit corporation is an institution granted a legally protected right–some would claim obligation–to pursue a narrow private interest without regard to broader social and environmental consequences.

Is Patagonia a private company?

Since first founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, Patagonia has grown to become one of the most respected and popular outdoor apparel brands in the world. Still an independent, private company, Patagonia continues to raise awareness around environmental issues and climate change,.

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How is Patagonia socially responsible?

Patagonia is widely regarded as a leader in corporate social responsibility, which it seeks to achieve both directly through donations of its profits and internal sustainability initiatives and indirectly by raising awareness for environmental issues.