Question: What types of trees are in Venezuela?

Does Venezuela have pine trees?

In Venezuela, the Caribbean pine usually grows on the allu- vial weathered soils of the Mesa formations, highly washed with a high sand con- tent, low moisture retention capacity and scarce nutrients in the surface layers (Fassbender et al. 1979a).

What grows in Venezuela?

The main field crops are sugarcane, rice, corn, and sorghum, and the chief fruits are bananas, plantains, oranges, coconuts, and mangoes. The most important agricultural items for industrial use are cotton, tobacco, and sisal.

What is the geography in Venezuela?

Venezuela Geography

Geographic Location South America
Terrain Andes Mountains and Maracaibo Lowlands in northwest; central plains (llanos); Guiana Highlands in southeast
Highest Point 5,007 Meters
Highest Point Location Pico Bolivar (La Columna) 5,007 m
Lowest Point Location Caribbean Sea 0 m

What is Venezuela known for?

It has the world’s largest known oil reserves and has been one of the world’s leading exporters of oil. Previously, the country was an underdeveloped exporter of agricultural commodities such as coffee and cocoa, but oil quickly came to dominate exports and government revenues.

What animals are only found in Venezuela?

More than half of Venezuelan avian and mammalian species are found in the Amazonian forests south of the Orinoco. Some of the more unique mammals endemic to Venezuela include the howler monkey, capybara, giant anteater, giant otter, white-bellied spider monkey, crab-eating fox, sloths and jaguars.

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