Quick Answer: How long should you spend in South America?

How much money do you need for 2 months in South America?

If you’re travelling across South America, a good rule of thumb is that you’ll need about $1000 a month, though this depends greatly on which countries you’ll spend most of your time.

How much money do you need for 6 months in South America?

Shoestring Budget for 1 to 6 Months in South America

A figure of $1000 per month is a reasonable starting point for a shoestring budget for the region. Visit predominantly the Andean region of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia and you can get by on less.

How long do you need to backpack South America?

South America backpacking itineraries

  • The big hitter route – 6 months +
  • Environmental explorers route – 2-3 months (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia)
  • Picture-perfect Patagonia route – 4 weeks (Chile & Argentina)
  • Best of Brazil and Colombia route – 2-3 months.

What is the cheapest country in South America?

Top 5 Cheapest Countries in South America

  1. Bolivia. Currency: Bolivian Boliviano.
  2. Colombia. Currency: Colombian Peso. …
  3. Ecuador. Currency: United States Dollar. Bed in a dorm room: $7-11USD. …
  4. Peru. Currency: Peruvian Sol. Exchange rate: 1USD=3.89PEN. …
  5. Paraguay. Currency: Paraguayan Guaraní Exchange rate: 1USD=6,767PYG. …
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Is Peru or Colombia cheaper?

Colombia is 13.0% cheaper than Peru.

Is it cheap in South America?

South America is an amazing continent to travel on a budget, though you would be wrong to assume that every country in South America is cheap! The least expensive countries are Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia, each attracting large numbers of budget travellers.

Why is South America so expensive?

Insufficient development of low-cost airlines is the main reason why international travel within Latin America is so much more expensive than doing so in Europe and Asia. … “There is definitely a lot of potential in Latin America,” confirmed Carlos Ozores, a consultant with the US company ICF.

Is backpacking in South America cheap?


-A Comfortable backpacker’s budget when sleeping in a hostel dormitory bed, cooking for yourself or eating in cheap local restaurants, being selective on activities and traveling with public transport should be around $35 per day, so $1000 per month.

Which is the best country in South America?

Safest Countries in South America: Ranked

  • Venezuela. Venezuela for a long time has had the reputation of being one of the most physically beautiful and culturally warm countries in all of South America. …
  • Colombia. …
  • Guyana. …
  • Brazil. …
  • Suriname. …
  • Peru. …
  • French Guiana. …
  • Bolivia.

Can you travel South America without knowing Spanish?

So if you are wondering, “Should I learn Spanish before travelling in South America?” – the answer is yes. … However, you don’t need to be completely fluent before you travel to South America! By all means, do not postpone or cancel your South America trip just because you can’t hold a conversation in Spanish.

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Is South America safe for female backpackers?

All of the countries in Central and South America are generally safe to visit as a solo female traveller. … As with the large cities in Central America, stick to the touristy areas and you’ll be fine. You should also take care when visiting particular areas of certain countries such as in Colombia and Venezuela.

Do I live in North or South America?

We live on the continent called North America. The country that we live in is called the United States of America.