Quick Answer: What plants did the Incas grow?

What was the Incas most important crop?

Potatoes were the most important ingredient in Inca diet and their main source of nourishment. The potato is one of Peru’s native crops and was domesticated more than 8000 years ago by pre-Inca cultures.

Which three crops were farmed by the Inca?


The three principal crops that the Inca’s lived on were quinoa, potatoes and corn, although they used many other plants for medicinal purposes.

How many crops did the Incas grow?

Inca society was sophisticated, and boasted around seventy different crops across the empire’s various climates. The Inca considered finely woven textiles to be an essential commodity, and spun various grades of cloth from llama and vicuña wool.

Did the Incas grow carrots?

And what crops: White, yellow and purple roots that taste like a blend of celery, cabbage and roast chestnuts. … To them the Incas were backward, and they forced the Andean natives to replace crops that had held a valued place for thousands of years with European species like wheat, barley and carrots.

Did the Incas grow rice?

Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa), which comes from South America, is frequently referred to as the rice of the Incas although it belongs to the amaranth family and is therefore more closely related to spinach or turnips.

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How did the Incas water their crops?

The Incas constructed magnificent irrigation system that supplied water to farmers throughout the empire–from low deserts to terraced highlands. In fact, 85% of all the farmlands were sustained by canal irrigation, which supplemented seasonal precipitation.