Quick Answer: Which part of Brazil is least populated?

Where is the most sparsely populated area in Brazil?

The north east of Brazil is very sparsely populated due to the climate of the area. The north east suffers from frequent droughts which means many people have moved out of the area in search of better jobs and prospects as well as a more equable climate.

Which region is least populated?

The island of Greenland is the world’s least densely populated place.

The 50 Least Densely Populated Places in the World.

Rank Country Population Density (pop./km²)
1 Greenland (Denmark) 0.0259
2 Svalbard and Jan Mayen (Norway) 0.0434

Which state has least urban population in Brazil?

Least urbanized state in Brazil is Para.

Which part of Brazil the population is moderately populated?

The central and western part of Brazil.

What is the best state to live in Brazil?

And for many expats thinking of living in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is inevitably the first place they consider. The city is especially famous for its long stunning beaches and laid-back lifestyle. Rio de Janeiro has 24/7 action, and the party scene is amazing.

Is Brazil sparsely or densely populated?

Most of Brazil is sparsely populated with a population density of 24.66 people per square kilometer (62 per square mile).

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Where in Brazil is densely populated?

List of Brazilian states by population density

Rank State Population
1 Distrito Federal 2,852,372
2 Rio de Janeiro 16,461,173
3 São Paulo 44,035,304
4 Alagoas 3,321,730

Which country is least densely populated?

Least Densely Populated Country in the World

In 2021, the population increase moved the population density of Mongolia up to 2.045 people per square kilometer. This population density is the lowest in the world, making Mongolia the least densely populated independent country in the world.