Quick Answer: Which type of climate is found at the south of Tropic of Capricorn in Brazil?

What climate is found near the Tropic of Capricorn?

Answer: The tropical zone between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn receives the rays of the sun more directly than areas in higher latitudes. The average annual temperature of the tropics is higher and the seasonal changes of temperature are not as diverse as in other zones.

Which type of climate is found to the south?

Normally, in the northern hemisphere, the northern portions of the temperate zone feature Boreal, Continental, and Oceanic climates, while the southern portions of the temperate zone are often Mediterranean and humid subtropical climates.

What is the climate like in southern Brazil?

The weather in southern Brazil is characterised by subtropical climatic conditions. Winters temperatures drop below freezing while summers are hot. … Average winter temperatures in Sao Paulo range between 12 and 22°C (54 to 72°F). Summer temperatures in Sao Paulo range from 17 to 28°C (63 to 82°F).

What kind of climate is found in India?

Most of our India is a sub tropical country and that means very hot summers, humid rainy season and mild winters. In the hilly regions the summers are mild and the winters are cold. The monsoons affect most of India between June and August.

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Which type of climate is found mainly in the south and the South East Asia Class 9?

Monsoon: This type of climate is mainly found in the south and Southeast Asia. … The seasonal reversal in wind direction during a year is called monsoon.

Which type of climate is found mainly in the south and Southeast Asia?

You have already studied about the monsoon in your earlier classes. You are also aware of the meaning of the word, “monsoon”. Monsoon connotes the climate associated with seasonal reversal in the direction of winds. India has hot monsoonal climate which is the prevalent climate in south and southeast Asia.

What is the climate like in northeast Brazil?

The Northeast of Brazil, that is the Brazilian territory located between the states of Bahia and Maranhao, has an arid climate. … The areas of the so-called Brazilian sertão have a semi-arid climate with low humidity, low rainfall and a long dry season. Average annual rainfall is about 750 mm.

Where is cooler climate in Brazil?

Answer: The coast of Rio Grande do Sul is also somewhat cooler, averaging around 73 °F (23 °C), whereas the Northeast backland’s drought quadrilateral, the hottest region of the country, averages some 84 °F (29 °C), with daytime temperatures exceeding 100 °F (38 °C).