What animals are found in Argentina?

What are 5 common animals in Argentina?

Visitors can expect to find foxes, otters, deer, cougars, the llama-like guanaco, swans, condors, cormorants, parakeets, hummingbirds, and other wildlife.

What animal is only found in Argentina?

Representing genera of mammals unique to Argentina are the Pink Fairy Armadillo (CMA) (ARKive WM), the Patagonian Opossum (ARKive WM), the Chacoan Pygmy Opossum (CMA) (AMNH pdf file), the Patagonian Mara (iNaturalist), the Golden Viscacha Rat (IUCN) (EDGE), the Common Viscacha Rat (ResearchGate), Edwards’ Long-clawed …

How many animals are there in Argentina?

As of January 2020, the list contains 402 mammal species from Argentina, of which one is extinct, seven are critically endangered, seventeen are endangered, sixteen are vulnerable, and thirty are near threatened.

What animals live in south Argentina?

Southern Argentina is home to the cougar, huemul, pudú (the world’s smallest deer), and introduced, non-native wild boar. The coast of Patagonia is rich in animal life: elephant seals, fur seals, sea lions and species of penguin. The far south is populated by cormorants.

Are there Jaguars in Argentina?

Only 200 to 300 jaguars remain in the country. They have been declared “natural monuments.” “That is the highest category of protection that can be given in Argentina,” says Sebastián Di Martino.

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Are sloths found in Argentina?

But it is best known for the elephant-sized Megatherium americanum, sometimes called the giant ground sloth, native to Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia during the Pleistocene. … Footprints attributed to Megatherium americanum dating to around 14,000 years old have been found in Argentina.

Does Argentina have monkey?

A primate that inhabits in Argentina is among the 25 world’s most endangered species. … The red howler monkey (Alouatta guariba) is an endemic species of the Atlantic Forest which covers part of Brazil and Argentina.

What animals live in Buenos Aires?

Mule deer and pronghorns still roam the flat plain and rolling hills. Though the Mexican gray wolf and magnificent grizzly bear are long since gone, at home on the refuge are coyotes, foxes, bobcats, javelina, four types of skunks and two kinds of jackrabbits.