What animals have gone extinct in Peru?

How many endangered species are in Peru?

Among Peru’s total of 389 threatened species are 120 amphibians, 122 birds, 23 invertebrates, 92 mammals and 32 reptiles.

What animal has gone extinct in 2020?

Euchorium cubense—Last seen in 1924, this Cuban flowing plant—the only member of its genus—has long been assumed lost. The IUCN characterized it as extinct in 2020 along with Banara wilsonii, another Cuban plant last seen in 1938 before its habitat was cleared for a sugarcane plantation.

What animals are going extinct in Latin America?

Pages in category “Critically endangered biota of South America”

  • Alagoas antwren.
  • Alagoas foliage-gleaner.
  • Andean catfish.
  • Rio Branco antbird.
  • Táchira antpitta.
  • Urrao antpitta.

What animals are scientists trying to bring back 2020?

What animals are scientists trying to bring back Megalodon?

  • Woolly mammoth. © LEONELLO CALVETTI/Science Photo Library RF/East News.
  • Quagga. © Frederick York / Wikimedia Commons.
  • Elephant bird. © ROMAN UCHYTEL/Science Photo Library/East News.
  • Baiji (Chinese river dolphin)
  • Glyptodont.
  • Pyrenean ibex.
  • Dodo.
  • Tasmanian tiger.

Are spider monkeys endangered?

The major threat to black-headed spider monkeys is habitat loss particularly for populations in Columbia. This has led to a decline in numbers and they are now classed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN. Even in protected national parks they are still threatened by illegal hunting for meat.

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