What are common drinks in Peru?

What drinks go with Peruvian food?

Wines with fruit flavors are ideal for this meat dish, as long as they are mixed with spices. Fresh wines and easy to drink are suitable for this rich menu. One of the most delicious and imposing Chardonnay wines is Limestone hill, which incorporates fruits such as apple, peach, and lemon into its ingredients.

What is the traditional food and drink in Peru?

Ceviche: Raw fish marinated in lemon or lime juice, onions and hot chillies. Cuy: Roasted guinea pig, served whole, with yucca and potatoes. Causa relleña: Potato cakes stuffed with a range of fillings, including chicken, avocado or crabmeat. Tamales: Boiled corn dumplings filled with meat and wrapped in a banana leaf.

What beer do they drink in Peru?

Pilsen Callao, Cusqueña, and Cristal are the three most popular beers in Peru. In terms of quality, most Peruvians go for either Pilsen Callao or Cusqueña, with Cristal sometimes thrown into the mix. Cusqueña also produces a red lager, a wheat beer, and a cerveza negra (black beer).

What do they drink for breakfast in Peru?

The typical holiday or weekend Peruvian breakfast usually consists of tamal, french bread, pork chicharron, fruit smoothie, and coffee with evaporated milk. Other items can include sangrecita (blood sausage) and salchicha de huacho (scrambled eggs with sausage).

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What do people in Peru drink for lunch?

When talking about Peruvian drinks, the first that comes to mind is the Pisco, Peru’s National Drink; Pisco Sour is a typical cocktail to welcome guests or start a Peruvian meal. But there are many other options: Peru produces some very good, mostly red wines and delicious beers.

Does Peru eat guinea pigs?

A traditional food, Guinea pig (called cuy in Peru) has been served whole on special occasions since Inca times. Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly and eating one is like eating your pet dog. … Cuy is a delicious delicacy best served with potatoes and salsa.