What are the main regions in Chile?

What are the 5 regions of Chile?

The country can be divided up into 5 geographical zones – Far North (Norte Grande), Near North (Norte Chico), Central Chile (Zona Central), South (Zona Sur) and the Far South (Zona Austral).

How does Chile categorize the regions of the country?

The country usually is divided by geographers into five regions: the far north, the near north, central Chile, the south, and the far south. Each has its own characteristic vegetation, fauna, climate, and, despite the omnipresence of both the Andes and the Pacific, its own distinct topography.

Which of the following are 3 regions of Chile?

Santiago is one of several regions in Chile. Chile’s regional division has changed throughout its history, and it is now composed of 15 administrative regions.

Regions of Chile.

Rank Region Population
1 Arica and Parinacota 171,569
2 Tarapacá 315,445
3 Antofagasta 562,488
4 Atacama 277,540

How many cities are there in Chile?

In total, there are 48 cities in Chile.

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