What can you drink in Peru?

What drinks go with Peruvian food?

Wines with fruit flavors are ideal for this meat dish, as long as they are mixed with spices. Fresh wines and easy to drink are suitable for this rich menu. One of the most delicious and imposing Chardonnay wines is Limestone hill, which incorporates fruits such as apple, peach, and lemon into its ingredients.

Do they drink tequila in Peru?

Peru has been producing wine ( vino) for over four hundred years, but with one or two exceptions it is not that good. … As for spirits , Peru’s main claim to fame is Pisco. This is a white grape brandy with a unique, powerful and very palatable flavour – the closest equivalent elsewhere is probably tequila.

What beer do they drink in Peru?

Pilsen Callao, Cusqueña, and Cristal are the three most popular beers in Peru. In terms of quality, most Peruvians go for either Pilsen Callao or Cusqueña, with Cristal sometimes thrown into the mix. Cusqueña also produces a red lager, a wheat beer, and a cerveza negra (black beer).

Is coffee safe to drink in Peru?

Yes, you should be OK as the water is boiled. Coffee is great in Peru. You will really enjoy it.

What alcohol mixes with Inca Kola?

The best way to describe Inca Wasi is to call it the Peruvian run and coke. It’s a mixed drink that combines pisco with Inca Kola which is a popular soft drink enjoyed all over Peru but barely found in the northern hemisphere. This makes the drink is a must have while you’re visiting.

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