What dances are popular in Argentina?

Location and extreme points

What type of dance is famous and found in Argentina?

The Argentine tango is an iconic form of dance, famous the world-over for its passion, rhythm and skill level. Here at pampeano, a company with its roots firmly in Argentine culture, the Argentine tango is our favourite dance in the world.

Is Argentina a tango?

The Argentine Tango originated in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay, in the late 19th century. The roots of this dance lie in African candombe, Cuban habanera as well as waltzes and polkas. It was a popular dance among European immigrants, former slaves and the working and lower classes.

Is there salsa dancing in Argentina?

Although salsa originates from Central and South American influences in New York, the dance has made its way all the way down to Argentina. Although the dance is not as popular as it is in other Latin American countries such as Cuba and Colombia, there is a general tendency towards dancing salsa.

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