What hair is better Brazilian or Remy?

What is 100% virgin Brazilian Remy hair?

: Oct 18, 2021 : 100% unprocessed hair Brazilian Virgin Human hair has not gone through any chemical treatment, nor been colored and is collected in one cut from a single donor. The hair is tied in a ponytail before the cut and a full head gives 3 bundles of hair.

Is Virgin Brazilian Remy hair real?

Virgin hair is also know as remy hair. It is cut from a single donor. The cuticles remain intact, and all hair strands face the same direction. … Real Brazilian virgin hair will not be too straight or silky.

Which hair type is the thickest?

Type 1B hair is thicker – it is still very straight, but has medium texture so it has more volume. Hair that is type 1C is very thick and coarse, but still straight and shiny so it can be hard to make curls last. Type 2 hair is naturally wavy, with more curl than some types of hair but less than others.

Is Virgin Brazilian Hair good quality?

When buying Brazilian virgin, remy hair, you expect good quality in the product. … If you are going for quality over cost, you are most likely looking for Brazilian human hair weaves. Virgin Human hair weft tend to be softer, shinier and longer lasting than synthetic hair because they are made from actual human hair.

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