What international companies are headquartered in Brazil?

What major corporations have headquarters in Brazil?

Many of the largest companies in Brazil are banks, including the Banco do Brasil. Photo credit: Deni Williams / Shutterstock.com.

The Largest Companies In Brazil.

Company Itaú Unibanco
Industry Banking
Assets (billion $) 419.9
Market Value (billion $) 79.2
Headquarters São Paulo

What companies operate in Brazil?

The largest Brazilian companies have a heavy impact on the economy of the country, Latin America and beyond.

  1. Petrobras. Sector: Oil & Gas.
  2. Itau Unibanco. Sector: Financials. …
  3. Banco Bradesco. Sector: Financials. …
  4. AmBev. …
  5. Vale. …
  6. Santander Brasil. …
  7. Banco do Brasil. …
  8. Itausa. …

What is Brazil’s biggest company?

2019 Forbes list

Rank Forbes 2000 rank Name
1 50 Petrobras
2 58 Banco Itaú Unibanco
3 96 Banco Bradesco
4 139 Vale

Which three big companies have located their factories in Brazil?

Companies currently manufacturing in Brazil include:

  • JCB (São Paulo)
  • Fiat S.p.A (Minas Gerais)
  • Volkswagen AG (São Paulo and Parana)
  • General Motors Co (Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Renault S.A (Curitiba)
  • Ford Motor Co (Bahia, São Paulo x 3, )
  • Peugeot S.A. (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Toyota Motor Co (São Paulo x 4)
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How many companies are in Brazil?

In 2019, the number of retail and trade companies legally registered in Brazil amounted to approximately 1.79 million, corresponding to approximately 34.2 percent of all companies legally registered in the country.

What is the main business of Brazil?

Economy of Brazil

Main industries Textiles shoes chemicals cement lumber iron ore tin steel aircraft motor vehicles and parts other machinery and equipment
Ease-of-doing-business rank 124th (medium, 2020)
Exports $217.7 billion (2017)

What goods are exported imported from Brazil?

List of exports of Brazil

# Product Value
1 Iron ore 32,738
2 Crude Petroleum 20,694
3 Soybeans 17,404
4 Raw Sugar 13,176

Who controls Brazil?

President of Brazil

President of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Incumbent Jair Bolsonaro since 1 January 2019
Federal government of Brazil
Style Mr. President His Excellency
Status Head of State Head of Government

Does Brazil have Coca Cola?

Coca-Cola FEMSA, a Mexican multinational beverage company which operates in Brazil through its subsidiary Spal Indústria Brasileira de Bebidas S.A, reported a net revenue of nearly 13 billion Brazilian reals in Brazil in 2019.

Is Vale a Fortune 500?

Vale figure again in Fortune’s ranking of the 500 largest companies in the world. The Global 500 was released on Monday (7th) by Fortune magazine, which analyzed the profits and revenues of companies worldwide. Vale is on the list for another consecutive year, ranked at 218.

What is the largest IT company in the world?

IBM. IBM, stands for International Business Machine is currently the biggest IT service company in the world with over 300 offices and 345,000 employees working in more than 170 nations of the world.

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