What is important to the people of Chile?

Who are two important people from Chile?

List of Chileans

  • Bernardo O’Higgins, founder of modern Chile.
  • Jose Miguel Carrera.
  • Carlos Sotomayor.
  • Diego Portales.
  • Aníbal Pinto.
  • Saint Alberto Hurtado.
  • F. J. Duarte.

What are Chileans proud of?

Chileans are proud of their country and their literacy rate of over 95%. The culture and religion is primarily Roman Catholic, and the family unit is of great importance in terms of social structure. … Education and family background are often scrutinized, race is not considered important.

Who are three famous people from Chile?

They are just some of many famous Chileans who have lifted Chile’s name worldwide and made a difference in our world.

  • :: List of Famous People from Chile ::
  • Pablo Neruda. …
  • Gabriela Mistral. …
  • Salvador Allende. …
  • Augusto Pinochet. …
  • Sebastián Piñera. …
  • Michelle Bachelet. …
  • Orlando Letelier.

What do people in Chile believe in?

Religion has played a significant role in social and political life throughout Chilean history. Christianity especially continues to be a dominant force in Chilean society. Indeed, most of the population identify with some form of Christianity (84.1%), with the majority identifying as Roman Catholic (66.7%).

What makes Chile culture unique?

The culture of Chile reflects the population and the geographic isolation of the country in relation to the rest of South America. Since colonial times, the Chilean culture has been a mix of Spanish colonial elements with elements of indigenous (mostly Mapuche) culture, as well as that of other immigrant cultures.

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What do people work in Chile?

Many people live in Chile’s rural areas, working in the fruit or fishing industries. They are not as wealthy as urban workers, although incomes are rising. The rural poor toil in the fields from dawn to dusk. Most Chileans live and work in urban areas.

How would you describe Chile?

Chile is a long narrow country which extends like a ribbon down the west coast of South America. While the coastline is over 4,000 miles (6,437 kilometers) long, it is only about 61 miles (91 kilometers) wide.