What is something special about Peru?

Why is Peru so popular?

With landscapes ranging from hidden high-altitude hamlets in the Andes to primordial Amazonian marshes, and enormous sunny beaches to charming colonial towns, not to mention some exciting travel and tourism developments, Peru has quietly transitioned from a top South American travel hotspot to one of the world’s most …

What is Peru known as?

Peru is known as the land of the Incas. Country Setting. Journey to Peru. Peru is known as the land of the Incas, home of an ancient civilization which thrived from the 12th century to 1532 when Francisco Pizarro conquered Peru. Today, Peru is the fifth largest country in Latin America.

What did Peru invent?

The inventor of the first modern rocket propulsion system was a Peruvian. Pedro Paulet was born near Arequipa, Peru in 1874 and designed, built and tested the first liquid fuel rocket engine. Paulet also designed an early spaceship prototype.

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