What kind of plants and animals live in Peru?

What type of plants live in Peru?

Native Plant Species Of Peru

Native Plants of Peru Scientific Name
Amazon Lily Eucharis × grandiflora
Peruvian Sundew Drosera peruensis
Peruvian Wild Tomato Solanum huaylasense
Abra Málaga Mountain Fern Moranopteris inaccessa

What is an animal that lives in the Peruvian Andes?

Wildlife in the Peruvian Andes

Perhaps the most recognized of these animals are the llama and the alpaca, pack animals known for their soft fur and good meat. Other mammals you might spot as you trek through the highlands are the Andean fox, the spectacled bear, or the tricky opossums.

What animals live in Peru Amazon?

discover the amazon wildlife

  • Tapir.
  • Capybara.
  • Tarantula.
  • Piranha.
  • Jaguar.
  • Red and Green Macaw.
  • Agouti.
  • Candiru Fish.

Is there bamboo in Peru?

Some species of bamboo such as Guadua have been introduced to Peru, but there are natural bamboo forests in the Amazonian region of Madre de Dios, Ucayali and San Martín y Loreto. … The main planted species are found in the northern regions (Piura, Lambayeque, Cajamarca and Amazonas).

What plants live in Lake Titicaca?

The aquatic vegetation of Lake Titicaca presents in its banks a marshy vegetation characterized by the presence of the Totora (Schoenoplectus californicus ssp. tatora and Juncus arcticus ssp andi- cola), Elodea potamogeton and the Myriophyllum quitensis.

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What plants live in the Andes?

Agriculture in the lowlands is pretty developed in all the Andes, the main crops are: Cotton, Sugar Cane, Soya Beans, Coffee Beans, citric fruits like: Orange, Lime, Lemon, and Mandarin, some kind of tubers like: Walusa and Yucca, Coconut, Bananas, Mango Fruit, Coca Leaves, and much more.

Do llamas live in Peru?

Llamas and Alpacas of Machu Picchu

Llama (Lama Glama) is the largest domesticated South American camelid. They were used widely in the Andes as packed animals and a source of meat since the Pre-Columbian period. Llamas live in the mountains of Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Do iguanas live in Peru?

Iguanas are among the largest members of the lizard group. … The green tree iguana, with its prehistoric look, is an ever-present inhabitant of the Neotropical rainforests. A large individual can reach 6 feet long but most of its length comprises their “whip-like” tail.