What transportation is used in Santiago Chile?

What type of transportation does Chile use?

Most frequent means of transport used in Chile in 2017

Characteristic Share of respondents
Metro / small bus* 83%
Bus 34%
Private car / motorbike 28%
Walking 27%

Does Santiago have good public transportation?

Riding on transantiago (Santiago’s public transit system) is pretty safe and efficient, even for foreigners.

Does Chile have a rail system?

Chile’s railway network extends 7,300km and is managed by the state-owned company Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE). Like its Latin American counterparts, Chile mainly uses its railway system to transport freight.

Are there trains in Chile?

Chile’s railways (except for a few industrial lines) are operated by the state owned company Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE). While many passenger lines are in disuse (there are no services north of Santiago), there are frequent services from Santiago south to Chillan.

How much does it cost to ride a bus in Chile?

Metro prices fluctuate with the time of day, but are always between $590 and $700 Chilean Pesos per ride. One bus ride within 120 minutes from the start of your travel, (use of Bip Card) is free, (except for off peak time when there is an additional charge of 30 pesos.

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