Where do US expats live in Ecuador?

Where do most Americans retire in Ecuador?

Retirement. Cuenca is home to many retirees from all over the United States. They were drawn there by quality health care, a booming social scene and a low cost of living. Americans first came to Cuenca in a slow trickle and many years later a deluge of retirees began settling there.

What is the safest city to live in Ecuador?

Cuenca: Best city for retired expats & safest city in Ecuador. Cuenca is one of the gems from the Spanish colonial period and is another of Ecuador’s UNESCO recognized heritage cities.

Is Ecuador a good country for expats?

Ecuador is the best country for expats for the second year in a row, according to a survey by InterNations, a global social network for expats.

Is Ecuador expat friendly?

Expats share some of their favorite places to live in Ecuador from beautiful colonial cities to affordable beach towns. … Expats in Ecuador appreciate the cost of living, the friendly people, the beautiful weather and warm culture. The bureaucracy can be very trying, petty theft an issue and driving downright dangerous.

Can a US citizen live in Ecuador?

Permanent Residency and Citizenship

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People who want to live and work in Ecuador must acquire either an appropriate visa (for volunteer or cultural interchange positions), or identity cards, called cedula or a censo.

Why are expats leaving Ecuador?

Some expats leave Cuenca because their altitude sickness never improves. They either return home or move to a lower altitude in Ecuador.

Is healthcare free in Ecuador?

Ecuador has a universal health coverage (UHC) system providing all citizens the right to free healthcare in public facilities, including emergency care.

Is Ecuador safe for American expats?

Ecuador is a relatively safe country to live in. … In fact, there are many places in Ecuador that are safe to live. Some of those places include Vilcabamba, Cuenca, and Cotacachi. But expats settle all over the place, including coastal areas.

Is Ecuador safer than Mexico?

Ecuador is currently safer than Mexico. The crime rate is somewhat higher in Mexico, and is especially bad in known tourist hotspots, such as Tijuana. … Mexico has safe resort towns that have less crime than Ecuadorian cities, but these resorts also make it more difficult to enjoy an authentic cultural exchange.

What is it like to retire in Ecuador?

Ecuador is a very safe place to retire. Expats living in Ecuador feel less stress and more relaxed than when they lived in the U.S. In general Ecuador is a very safe place although some expats do recommend taking more care when visiting the capital Quito.