Who does Argentina trade with the most?

Which countries does Argentina trade with?

In 2018, Argentina major trading partner countries for exports were Brazil, United States, China, Chile and Vietnam and for imports they were Brazil, China, United States, Germany and Paraguay.

What does Argentina import the most?

Imports The top imports of Argentina are Cars ($2.33B), Refined Petroleum ($2.25B), Vehicle Parts ($2.07B), Petroleum Gas ($1.54B), and Soybeans ($1.38B), importing mostly from Brazil ($9.85B), China ($8.47B), United States ($6.82B), Germany ($2.73B), and Paraguay ($1.74B).

What are the top 5 exports in Argentina?

Argentina’s Top 10 Exports

  • Animal/vegetable fats, oils, waxes: $4.8 billion (8.7%)
  • Oil seeds: $3.4 billion (6.2%)
  • Meat: $3.3 billion (6%)
  • Vehicles: $3.3 billion (6%)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $2.1 billion (3.8%)
  • Gems, precious metals: $2 billion (3.6%)
  • Fish: $1.6 billion (3%)
  • Dairy, eggs, honey: $1.1 billion (2%)

What is Argentina’s number 1 export?

The country’s main exports include oil-cake and other solid residues (13.1%), maize (9.1%), motor vehicles for the transport of goods (5.3%), soy-bean oil and soybeans (10.2%), and meat (3.5%); while it imports motor cars and other motor vehicles (4.8%), auto parts and accessories (4.2%), petroleum oils and oils …

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What is Argentina famous for producing?

Argentina is one of the world’s major exporters of soybeans and wheat, as well as meat. It is also one of the largest producers of wool and wine, but most of its wine is consumed domestically.

Who is the most famous person from Argentina?

5 Influential People of Argentina

  1. Eva Peron (1919 – 1952) Famous for: First Lady of Argentina, Eva Peron Foundation and Female Peronist Party. …
  2. Juan Peron (1895 – 1974) Famous for: President of Argentina from 1946 to 1955 and again from 1973 – 1974. …
  3. Che Guevara (1928 – 1967) …
  4. Diego Maradona (1960 – ) …
  5. Lionel Messi (1987 – )

Who Brazil exports to?

The country’s main trade partners are China, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Japan, Mercosur and the EU.

How much money does Argentina make from exports?

U.S. goods and services trade with Argentina totaled an estimated $23.3 billion in 2019. Exports were $15.7 billion; imports were $7.5 billion.

What does Argentina import and export with the US?

U.S. exports to Argentina include machinery, fuel, aircraft, and plastics. U.S. imports from Argentina include aluminum, wine, and fuel.

What exports does Argentina have?

Economy of Argentina

Exports $54.88 billion (2020)
Export goods Soybeans and derivatives, petroleum and gas, vehicles, corn, wheat
Main export partners Brazil(-) 15.0% China(+) 10.0% United States(+) 6.0% Chile(+) 5.0% (2020)
Imports $42.35 billion (2020)