Why did Peru revolt from Spain?

Why did the Spanish go to Peru?

Spanish Conquest (1526 – 1572)

In 1526, the Spanish arrived in Peru. … The Spanish forced natives to mine for silver and mercury, for almost no pay. Natives were also coerced to convert to Catholicism. In many cases, whole tribes were driven far from their homes.

How did Spain influence Peru?

In 1532, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro defeated the Inca Empire and took control of Peru. The Spanish ruled the land until independence in 1824. … [1] Spanish conquerors spread their language and religion and used them as instruments to control their colony.

Did Peru gain independence from another country?

On July 28, 1821, José de San Martín officially declared Peru’s independence from Spain at the Plaza de Armas in Lima with the words: “From this moment on, Peru is free and independent, by the general will of the people and the justice of its cause that God defends. Long live the homeland!

Why did the Spanish conquered the Incas?

When Manco’s son Túpac Amaru was executed by the Spanish in 1572, the final Inca stronghold was extinguished. That the Spanish had been able to conquer the vast and sophisticated Inca Empire was partly due to the smallpox epidemic that spread viciously across the domain.

How did colonialism affect Peru?

The conquest and colony brought a mix of cultures and ethnicities that did not exist before the Spanish conquered the Peruvian territory. Even though many of the Inca traditions were lost or diluted, new customs, traditions and knowledge were added, creating a rich mixed Peruvian culture.

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