Your question: Did the Incas use canoes?

What tools did the Incas use?

Copper and bronze were used for basic farming tools or weapons, such as sharp sticks for digging, club-heads, knives with curved blades, axes, chisels, needles, and pins. The Incas had no iron or steel, so their armor and weaponry consisted of helmets, spears, and battle-axes made of copper, bronze, and wood.

What techniques did the Incas used to build roads?

Answer: Inca roads were built without the benefit of sophisticated surveying equipment using only wooden, stone, and bronze tools. As they were built in different geographical zones using local populations, the roads are, consequently, not uniform in construction design or materials.

Did the Inca use boats?

The boats, also called rafts or balsas, were used for fishing. Fishermen trailed their nets from them, and collected their catch in the boat’s cavity. The craft plied the waters of Peru from ancient times, and similar vessels are still used for fishing on the north coast today.

Did the Incas eat guinea pigs?

The Inca diet, for ordinary people, was largely vegetarian as meat – camelid, duck, guinea-pig, and wild game such as deer and the vizcacha rodent – was so valuable as to be reserved only for special occasions.

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What natural resources did the Incas have?

The main resources available to the Inca Empire were agricultural land and labor, mines (producing precious and prestigious metals such as gold, silver or copper), and fresh water, abundant everywhere except along the desert coast.

How did the Incas travel over steep slopes?

The Incas developed techniques to overcome the difficult territory of the Andes. Many roads crossed high mountains. On steep slopes they built stone steps resembling giant flights of stairs. In desert areas they built low walls to keep the sand from drifting over the road.

What system did the Inca use to in order to farm in the mountains?

To solve this problem, the Inca used a system known as terrace farming. They built walls on hillsides and filled them with soil to make terraces. Terraces are wide steps on the side of mountains. Without the terraces, the mountainous landscape would have been too steep for farmers to water, plow, and harvest.

How did the Spaniards built their rafts?

The Spanish said the rafts were in the shape of the extended fingers of a hand. The large balsa logs, lashed together with henequen fiber, formed the main deck of a raft. Seawater passed freely between and over the logs making it very difficult for rafts to be swamped by heavy seas.