Your question: What do people in Peru do on Christmas Eve?

How do they celebrate Christmas in Peru?

Christmas in Peru

In the evening, usually after mass, families go home to feast on elaborately prepared dinners and open gifts. At midnight, adults will toast with champagne, while children toast with hot chocolate, and families go outside to watch fireworks displays.

Why does Peru celebrate Christmas on the 24th?

Modern day Christmas in Peru

One of the more common traditions on December 24th is the revelation of Christ. For this event, a small baby statue of Jesus is covered with a blanket and then taken out at midnight, symbolising the birth of Jesus Christ.

Do people in Peru have Christmas trees?

Peru has adopted the North American classic of the Christmas tree (always fake though- pine trees don’t grow in most of Peru!), but the most traditional Christmas decoration in Peruvian households is the nativity scene.

How do you say Santa in Peru?

Santa Claus – Papá Noel.

Who is the gift giver in Peru?

List of gift-bringers

Nation Old man
Peru Papá Noel (Father Christmas), Santa Claus
Philippines Santa Claus, 24 December
Poland Gwiazdor (Star Man or Little Star), Santa Claus, Święty Mikołaj (St Nicolas) 6 December
Portugal Pai Natal (Father Christmas), Santa Claus
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