Your question: What music originated in Colombia?

What is the national music of Colombia?

CUMBIA, COLOMBIAN FOLK: Cumbia is among the most popular dances in the country’s Caribbean region along the northern coast, and it is perhaps the style of Colombian music that enjoys the most international recognition.

Is Colombian Music Latin?

In general, Colombian music blends Spanish-influenced guitar and song structure with large gaita flutes and percussion instruments from the indigenous population, while its percussion structure and dance forms come from Africa.

When did Colombian music start?


Originating as a courtship dance among West African slaves in Colombia’s Caribbean coastal region and Panama in the early 19th century, the Cumbia was originally performed using only drums and claves.

What instruments are commonly used in Colombian music?

The Sound of Music: Traditional Colombian instruments

  • Guacharaca.
  • Tiple.
  • Tambora.
  • Gaita.
  • Arpa Llanera.

Is Mexican music popular in Colombia?

Mexican music is another constant in Colombian culture. Usually this is represented by figures like mariachi godfather Vicente Fernández during his many appearances in Colombia, but there have also been a few rather more avant-garde performances, such as noise merchants Descartes a Kant at this year’s Rock al Parque.

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