Your question: What time does high school start in Argentina?

How long is a high school day in Argentina?

The school day

These two sessions run approximately from 08:15 and 12:15, and 13:00 and 17:15. Depending on the part of the country, a variety of different systems are available. Some schools, including many international schools, opt for full-day schooling, known as doble escolaridad.

How long is a school day in Argentina?

The school year in Argentina runs from March to December and lasts about 200 days. Schools are closed for national holidays, such as Good Friday and Easter, and two weeks in July for vacation. Normally, public elementary schools are in session four and a half hours each weekday.

What age do you graduate high school in Argentina?

Education System in Argentina

Primary Primary Education 6–11
Middle Lower Secondary 12–14
Secondary Upper-Secondary (Polimodal) 15–17
Post-secondary Post-Secondary
Tertiary Bachelor

Do students wear uniforms in Argentina?

Argentine state schools have not required school uniforms. Primary schools required children to wear white smocks, but under the smocks the chikdren could wear their own clothes. Argentina is one of the Latin American countries with the most European look.

What age does school start in Argentina?

While attendance at school is compulsory in Argentina from the age of five, pre-school education may begin at 45 days old. It is completed when a child turns six years old and is enrolled in primary school.

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Is school free in Argentina?

Public school in Argentina is free and, as one of the first countries in the Americas to provide free public schooling, the Argentines have a long and proud history of education.

Is education in Argentina good?

Excellent Education

Generally speaking, Argentina’s school system has a fairly good reputation internationally. At just under 98%, the country has one of the highest levels of literacy among all Latin American countries.

What is Argentina 10th grade?

The grading scale is from 1 to 10.

Grading System.

10 Outstanding
7 – 8 – 9 Very Good
5 – 6 Average
4 Pass

How long is summer break in Argentina?

In Argentina, summer vacation starts in mid-December and goes until the end of February or the beginning of March.