What kind of music is popular in Peru?

What is the name of Peruvian music?

Chicha music, also known as Peruvian cumbia, fuses the tropical sounds of cumbia with the traditional Andean sounds of huayno. Additional influences from international genres such as surf and psychedelic rock, salsa, and even techno give Chicha a distinct sound.

What is cumbia music in Peru?

Peruvian cumbia is a subgenre of “Chicha” that became popular in the coastal cities of Peru, mainly in Lima in the 1960s through the fusion of local versions of the original Colombian genre, traditional highland huayno, and rock music, particularly surf rock and psychedelic rock.

What is chicha music Peru?

Chicha is a form of Peruvian music that combines local folklore, South American beats and modern musical instruments. The recently released CD Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru explores early Chicha recordings.

Does chicha have alcohol?

The beverage is slightly sour and almost cider like. It is often drunk in an active state of fermentation and has a low alcohol percentage, usually from 1%–3% alcohol by volume. Chicha has pre-Hispanic origins in Andean South America and was an integral and key part of the Incan economy.

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