How is sweater said in Peru?

How do you say sweater in Peru?

Chompa – Sweater

, or alpaca fur, since they are super warm and soft and typically offered at a cheap price from the local market.

How to say party in Peru?

A party in Peru may be called a “fiesta”, but a popular local alternative word is “tono”. “Tonear” for a Peruvian is a perfectly acceptable way to say “to go partying”. Another option is “juergear” – also meaning “ir de fiesta” – which comes from the slang word for party, “juerga”.

How does Spain say sweater?

“Suéter cárdigan” or “Cárdigan” The word “Sweater” is used is Spanish as in English as well.

What is the meaning of Chompa?

English Translation. sweater. More meanings for chompa. sweater noun.

How do you say bus in Peru?

Peru. Travelling north to see Machu Picchu and explore Cusco and Lima, Peru’s transport terms differ again. Normal buses are called ómnibus or bus, so no surprises there.

How do Peruvians say cool?

Chévere – Cool/Great/Awesome.

How do you say dude in Peru?

13. huevón. This pan-South American slang word means dude or guy.

What does Yara mean in Peru?

‘Yara’: this is an expression of uncertain origin meaning “careful” or “warning”.

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