Which metal is found in Argentina?

What minerals are found in Argentina?

Deposits of iron ore, uranium, lead, zinc, silver, copper, manganese, and tungsten are worked. A wide range of nonmetallic minerals is found throughout the country.

Does Argentina produce gold?

Argentina’s Gold Production was reported at 60,000.000 kg in Dec 2020. This stayed constant from the previous figure of 60,000.000 kg for Dec 2019. Argentina Gold Production data is updated yearly, averaging 38,515.000 kg from Dec 1990 to 2020, with 31 observations.

Does Argentina have a lot of silver?

Argentina has one of South America’s largest economies and is also one of the largest silver producers in the world. The nation hosts two of the world’s leading silver mines known as Pirquitas Mine and the San Jose Mine. There are numerous mining companies and operations in the country.

Are there silver mines in Argentina?

In 2010 Argentina produced 20.6 million ounces of silver. The Latin American nation also hosts to two of the world’s leading silver mines: Silver Standard’s Pirquitas Mine which produced 6.3 million ounces last year and Hochschild Mining/Minera Andes’ San Jose Mine which produced 5.32 million.

Does Argentina have iron?

Resources in Argentina

The important mineral resources present in the country include lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron ore, manganese, petroleum, uranium, and lithium. … For 2018, the country reportedly produced more than 70,000 barrels per day in biofuels, equalling 2.7% of global production.

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Does Argentina have coal?

Coal resources in Argentina are estimated to be 465 million metric tons of which 460 million metric tons are mainly in the Rio Turbio and Pico Quemado mines (Alvarado, 1980). Resource estimates for 18 coal mines in Argentina are listed in Weaver (1993).

Does Argentina have diamonds?

If you look closely, you will notice that no one out and about in the public realm in Argentina is dripping with diamonds.

Are there mines in Argentina?

Argentina counts with 17 important mines in operation -13 of which are metalliferous- and 3 are in construction or production exceeding the 1.6Moz of gold, 19,8Moz of silver y 440,000 Tn of copper, and adding lithium and tin, among other minerals.

Why is Argentina so called?

The name is derived from the Latin argentum (silver). The first use of the name Argentina can be traced to the voyages of the Spanish conquerors to the Río de la Plata. The explorers who shipwrecked in Juan Díaz de Solís’ expedition found native communities in the region who gave them silver presents.

What is Argentina’s nickname?

Argentina national football team

Nickname(s) La Albiceleste (The White and Sky Blues)
Association Argentine Football Association (AFA)
Confederation CONMEBOL (South America)
Head coach Lionel Scaloni
FIFA ranking